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      SINCE 2005

      Shanghai Jiawen Performance Industries Co., Ltd.

      Shanghai Jiawen Performance Industries Co., Ltd.

      Shanghai Jiawen Performance Industries Co., Ltd. Was founded in the year of 2005, Which is specialized in developing and manufacturing kinds of Automotive chassis lightweight technology products, High quality auto intake kits and exhaust systems, Exhaust Clamps, Mandrel bends, Manifolds, Tail pipes and Internal high pressure molding parts. 

      JIAWEN now has owned Two manufacturing plants which are located in Anhui province and Zhejiang Province. A sales service center which is located in Shanghai. A Sales & Stocking service center which is located in Salem Ohio, USA.

      For the long and consistent development and deliver satisfactory quality goods to OEM and Aftermarket customers. All Jiawen products are be strictly manufactured based on the standards of IATF16949:2016 and insured One million us dollars product quality and safety liability insurance by Allianz.

      ‘Service, Honesty, Cooperation, Innovation’ are the philosophy of Jiawen to live on and to treat the challenges, Self owned brand has obtained a great reputation in the world market due to make fully use of know-how management experiences from both domestic and abroad. Upgrade the manage standards in R&D, Purchasing, Shipping, Manufacturing, Selling, and QC Departments.

      ?2016 Shanghai Jiawen Performance Industries Co.,Ltd. 滬ICP備15002810

      Floor 5, building 3, No. 85, Mingnan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201613, China.

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